Custom Turkey Calls

All calls that I offer are made by me, one at a time. Like I said, my passion is hunting turkeys with my bow and being able to call them in with my calls. These calls work, or your money back.

My box call is a field grade model with base and paddle made of purpleheart. The sides and end caps are mahogany. Each has a satin hand rubbed finish. This is a great sounding box call with a real rasp to it. Call me for pricing of custom engraving to really personalize your box call.

The glass and slate calls are turned from walnut, but I have many different types of woods if you desire something different. Just let me know. The glass call is a little higher pitch than the slate, but either call will produce any call needed to bring that gobbler in. Each call comes with a two-piece matched striker. I can turn one-piece strikers also if you are looking for something different.

Box Call $45.00 

Slate Call $50.00 

Glass Call $50.00 

Call or e-mail me and I will set you up with the call you want. Also, check back from time to time, as I will be adding items. I turn out some pretty locator (crow) calls also.

A special thanks to Robb and John Hafner Studios for the great pictures of my calls in action! Check out John's beautiful photography ay