Running after Rios 2

Another trip to Hawaii to hunt Rios with a few of my friends. Myself, Karen and Harry hunted Rios on the side of Mauna Loa with Jon Sabati.

It was another fantastic hunt; three hunters, two days, and six birds. We limited out.

Jon Sabati is running about a 100 percent success rate with about 15,000 acres to hunt. Jon knows this land, and he knows these turkeys. You could not find a better guide to fill your Rio Tag.

Hawaii is just a fantastic place to visit. There is deep sea fishing; where we had the thrill of a life time as a Hump Back Whale breached not more than 50 yards from the boat. A once in a life time event. You can go for any number of big game fish. You can dive or snorkel. My friend went on a night dive to view the Manta Rays. There is bird watching, volcano tours, or just relaxing on the beach. The Big Island has something for everyone.

You can reach Jon at Or you can call me 262 770 9136