Running after Rios; Hawaiian Style


If you are looking for a magical place to get your Rio, then this is it. I hunted with Jon Sabati on the South side of Mauna Loa ( Long Mountain) on the Kealia Ranch which is located on the southern side of Kona in Hawaii.


This was truly a magical place to hunt turkeys. I met up with Jon at 3:30, and we were on our way up to the ranch. Once on the ranch, you start four wheeling up the mountain side. First going through grass land, transitioning into rainforest, and up into ancient Volcanic rock terrain where we hunted at about six thousand feet.


The Kealia ranch is an 18,000 acre working cattle ranch that allows hunting on the weekends. Jon guides this ranch for big game, and he knows it well. You have 15,000 acres to hunt the Rios on.


Jon hosts his own T.V. show called Holo Holo Hawaii, it airs every week in Hawaii. He has guided the likes of Brenda Valentine, Rob Keck, Walter Parrott, and Ray Eye just to name a few. He is also on numerous pro staffs like Quaker Boy and such. Jon knows how to work this ranch for Rios, he runs a 100% success rate.

The Rios donʼt have to worry about many predators. There are no coyotes, foxes, skunks, opossum or raccoons on the Island. Therefore, turkey numbers are large, and they have no problem gobbling through the day.


We called and worked several birds throughout the morning before I scored on a truly beautiful Rio Grande at around 10:30. Donʼt worry about Jon working in a Rio for you too early, there are plenty of things to do to fill up the rest of your time. There are numerous things to do on the island. My wife and I booked a fishing charter and one hour out, my wife and I doubled up on two six foot Striped Marlin and landed them both. Talk about the whole boat coming unglued!! Forty-five minutes later I had a seven foot Pacific Short-Nosed Spearfish in the boat! The only place to catch this rare fish is in Hawaii. Of course, you have the beaches, bird watching, volcano tours, snorkeling, and diving. Just so many things to do!!


You can contact Jon at and you can call me at 262-770-9136.