Sierra Madre Hunting Adventures:


If you are considering going for the Gould’s Turkey to complete the Royal Slam, then this page is for you. I had the opportunity to hunt the Gould’s Turkey in May of 2010 with Sierra Madre Hunting Adventures. What a fantastic hunt!


Several years ago, myself and a couple of friends, booked a trip for the Gould’s Turkey from a outfitter advertising in the back of a national turkey hunting magazine. Well, the outfitter became ill, and we were promised our deposit back, and as you can probably guess we never received it.


Shawn Dickey and Renee O’Brokta, friends of mine, invited myself, Paul Smith and Gary Green to go on a hunting trip with Sierra Madre Hunting Adventures owned by Armando Klein in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Zacatecas, Mexico.


Armando is a respected guide that Shawn and Renee had met several years ago at the NWTF National Convention, as he has a booth there every year.


The hunting camp is located at about 7,900 feet. It is comfortable with beds and linens, men’s and women's bathrooms, hot showers, and the food is truly outstanding, cooked with taste and flare. The lady who does the cooking will also make sure you have a clean room to return to.


We hunted all the way up to about 9000 feet. The guides are truly amazing. They can spot a gobbler track out of the car window on a dusty road and be right. They know the area and know the birds. I am truly amazed by their knowledge and genuine friendliness.


This is not a canned hunt. You will work for your bird. Armando and his guides do run pretty close to 100 percent success rate, but I contribute that to the guides knowledge of the Goulds your’re hunting. You will hunt in unbelievable weather with views and experiences that will last you a lifetime.


I have included pictures of our birds and a sampling of some of the views and experiences you will have hunting and around camp. Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about my experience. You can call Howard at 1-262-770-9136.